The One and Only

About Me

I have a zest for life, a dry sense of humour and i love witty banter, you could always see me for my stand up comedy act :-)

I am a mature sassy, petite, erotic and sensual mix of sugar and spice with gorgeous breasts, luscious kissable lips and big hazel eyes that will enchant you.

I have medium/long brown hair, an athletic body (32D-25-35 inches), i’m petite, not skinny :-) I am 5ft 4 inches in height and i weigh 112lbs.

I am also incredibly down to earth, no airs and graces here. I also have a wide range of knowledge on all things, including some very random topics that i sometimes wonder how i even came about knowing.

I love learning new things, visiting new countries and new cultures, it can be very exhilarating and also very humbling. I am just at home in a 5 star hotel/restaurant as i am hiking across Brazil and dining at a shack.

I love to find the good in people and feed off good vibes, nothing is more enjoyable than laughing with someone, especially that deep belly laugh that hurts. It just lifts you and your whole day is filled with smiles and positive thoughts.

I have a very personable nature and love interacting with people, i love conversation, i love flirting, the eye contact, the slight touch, and most of all i love seducing my date which allows us to have that connection that can set off fireworks.


About Us

The memory i’d like you to have when we have met, is when you are in that dull and boring meeting i jump into your mind and you find yourself becoming aroused, remembering me kissing you and murmuring into your ear………


And those moments of you randomly smiling when you think about our time together.

Shaunna x

Shaunna, The One and Only

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