The One and Only

Wishlist and Gifts

Please do not feel the need to bring me a gift, it is not expected. This is a list for those who like to buy presents and want to surprise me.

Charities close to my heart - Macmillan Cancer Support - Children with Cancer - Kiva

I’m a big supporter of Kiva, please go take a look, also if you donate up to a $100 i will match it. Proof of Kiva donation needed :-) Quote - “The one characteristic of authentic power that most people overlook is humbleness. Be grateful for those who have touched you, but be proud of those you have touched, for you can not take your wealth with you when you pass on.”

Creme de la Mer - Moisturising Cream - Eye Balm - Lifting Contour Serum - The Body Creme

Please click the following link for updated gifts -

Shaunna, The One and Only

I am a sassy, petite, erotic and sensual mix of sugar and spice with gorgeous breasts, luscious kissable lips and big hazel eyes that will enchant you. I am that sophisticated woman dining with you and that naughty sensual vixen in private with you. They do say all good things come in small packages :-)

Connecting and enjoying myself is most important, and i hope to take you to a place of seduction, an erotic rawness where we can both lose ourselves in each other and forget about all the stresses of life.

I can be demure and innocent one moment and then the next moment…………..well, that’s for you to find out ;-)

I very much look forward to meeting you soon.

I am currently in USA soon