The One and Only

Frequent Questions

  • How do i set a date with you

    All clients will require screening for my safety and also to ensure that we are compatible. Any screening information will never be passed on or disclosed to a third party. I have a high moral code and will respect your privacy as you would respect mine.

  • Screening process

    TER ID, P411 or Datecheck verification and two recent references from reputable providers.

  • What is your Menu

    I prefer to go with the flow, this is not something that can be planned in advance. I offer the girlfriend experience, without the drama of course :-), my aim is to make sure you are happy.

  • Is your donation negotiable/what's included

    My donation for our date is not negotiable, please do not offend me by asking. Any donation should be in an unsealed envelope and left on the table or in the bathroom within 5 minutes of your arrival.

    Any trips to the islands will require an additional donation.

    It is something i love, but i need to have the chemistry and also be in the mood ;-)

  • What are your pet hates

    Wow, top of the list is mowing the lawn. If you know me then you are aware that i have on occasion had the lawn mower in my living room area by my back door for 3 weeks or so, waiting for my motivation to kick in haha.

    The washing machine that eats socks. The man that randomly leaves one shoe by the side of the road, unbelievable how many there are throughout London, he needs to get a real job. On a more serious note, bad hygiene, arrogance and meanness.

  • How do you maintain your physique

    I try hard to look and feel good, i train 3 times a week in the gym, i also squeeze in pilates at least once a week. When possible i also try to fit in horse riding and the occasional round of golf when the weather is to my liking, i hate the cold, what can i say (unless i’m skiing).

    I also love deep sea fishing and water sports. Well that’s the physical side of my life, for my mental wellbeing i love to have fun and make people smile. I have been known to randomly hug strangers, you cannot beat a damn good cuddle.

  • If i’m feeling especially naughty do you have girlfriends you play with

    I love my girlfriends, i know them all personally and have at one point or more had the pleasure of pleasuring them ;-)

Shaunna, The One and Only

I am a sassy, petite, erotic and sensual mix of sugar and spice with gorgeous breasts, luscious kissable lips and big hazel eyes that will enchant you. I am that sophisticated woman dining with you and that naughty sensual vixen in private with you. They do say all good things come in small packages :-)

Connecting and enjoying myself is most important, and i hope to take you to a place of seduction, an erotic rawness where we can both lose ourselves in each other and forget about all the stresses of life.

I can be demure and innocent one moment and then the next moment…………..well, that’s for you to find out ;-)

I very much look forward to meeting you soon.

I am currently in USA soon